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Calla Lily
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Burgundy Lady (Zantedeschia spp., Calla Lily) Calla Lily 1

Bulb: tuber.
Plant: moderately tall, few tillers.
Leaf: primary non-spreading leaves yellowish green, fully developed leaves green, medium brightness, leaf blades erect, moderately long and broad, ovate, broadest part of leaf far below the middle, lobes absent, very few spots on the upper side of leaf blades, medium-sized spots, base truncate, the petiole base yellowish green with spots.
Scape: scapes short and few, strongly mottled at the basal part.
Spathe: single-colored, moderately high, red-purple (RHS 60A) on the inner side, spathe color apparently intensifying with age, no fragrance, spathe long and broad (when being viewed from above), margin moderately recurved, the distal part acute, large purple throat spots, spadix moderately long and yellowish green.